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Public Speaking

Opening and Closing ceremonies

Official opening and closing ceremonies are to be used at all meetings and official FFA events. This contest is an introduction to freshman students to get them enthusiastic about the FFA and future contests. Students perform the opening and closing ceremonies on a team of six people. Each student will choose an officer position, memorize their part and perform the ceremonies with their team. Well performed ceremonies build pride and enthusiasm, not only in the officer team, but within the entire chapter.

FFA Creed

Students memorize the FFA Creed and are scored based on the delivery of their speech and questions on its meaning and purpose.

Parliamentary procedure

During the Parliamentary Procedure CDE, teams conduct a mock chapter meeting to demonstrate their  knowledge of basic parliamentary law  and the correct use of parliamentary procedures.

Prepared Public Speaking

The purpose of the Prepared Public Speaking Career Development Event is to foster and develop the speaking abilities of FFA members as well as develop their self confidence and contribute to their advancement in interpersonal skills attainment and leadership development. Students write their own 6-8 minute speech and learn how to deliver the speech to an audience.

Extemporaneous Public Speaking

The FFA Extemporaneous Public Speaking Contest is designed to develop the ability of all FFA members to express themselves on a given agricultural subject without having prepared or rehearsed its content in advance. This gives the FFA members an opportunity to formulate their remarks for presentation in a very limited amount of time. The event requires students to think on their feet, state their case quickly and persuasively, and to be able to answer relevant questions based upon their presentation. a topic is assigned to them at the competition, they then have 20 minutes to develop and deliver speech.

Job Interview Contest

This contest is designed to test a student's ability to communicate in both oral and written form.  During this event the student creates a cover letter and resume describing their job skills and experiences.  The students must also fill out a job application and complete an interview with a panel of judges.