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Judging Teams


This contest involves judging animals for breeding and for meat. Competitors must judge the animal and rate them based on their quality. Along with judging the animals, they must give reasons to back up their placings being graded on how well they present, and if their placings are correct.

Farm records

The competition consists of a journal, budget, and depreciation problem which mimics how each one should be done correctly in our own record book. There is also a hundred question test that has a variety of questions referring to the record book.


Like the livestock judging team, they must rate the cattle based on their quality . Then they will be graded on the placing, and how well they will give their reasons to support those placings.


The judging team that judges meat on their quality, and depending on the cut, other factors are used such as yield ratings and marbling. There is also an identification test that requires the  team to identify the cut of meat, how to cook it, which animal it came from, and which primal cut it came from.


This judging team judges horse on their confirmation and like livestock and dairy judging, the team must give a set of reasons to back up their placing on the horses.