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Committees Available


Committee     Responsibilities                                                                                                               Chairmen


To advertise the different activities that are going on and be able to provide information for members.

Anne Signore


Fundraising is a great way to get funds to be able to put on different activities for our members and lower the costs. Fundraising can also help upperclassmen that hope to continue their education after high school.

Courtney Kirk


By hosting activities, we hope to create a stronger bond within our FFA community and get members active. This committee discusses possible events and carry them out so they may be successful.

Tera Galea and Angelica Haynes


Keep a record of chapter events by taking pictures and composing articles about the events the chapter holds

Kate Swanson

Social Media

Keeps chapter updated on chapter events by using social media such as Instagram and Snapchat

Jessie Krempp and Riley Guidi

Food Service

Cook and provide food at many of our events

Cameron Phillips and Gavin Johnston

Community Service & Outreach

Reach out to the community to be able to connect our program with those who do not know much about it. This committee strives to recruit younger students who have an interest in agriculture.

Conner Watson and Jacob Nicholas

Setup & Clean Up

Assist the activities committee in being able to run an event smoothly by setting up and cleaning after the event

Tyler Mellott and Trey Collins


Coordinate the annual awards ceremony that is held at the end of the year to acknowledge students who have accomplished goals outside of the classroom.

Alana Custer and Caylah Burgio

Point System

The point system is used to be able to determine which twenty students are eligible to be able to attend a week long trip with the chapter over the summer.

Gaby Angeles and Sarah Godden


This committee focuses on the chapter as a whole and works toward getting more members involved by overseeing the different committees that are active.

Tatiana Woliung

Fairs & Shows

Able to provide information about showmanship and how to be successful during fairs

Sydney George

School Farm

Organizing events to keep up with the maintenance of the agriculture department

Diana Cable