Agriculture Department

Our agricultural department consists of a pig barn where all the pigs are held, as well as a steer, sheep, and goat barn where they are held. The students can apply to keep their animals in either of the barns. We also have a greenhouse where we grow plants and another barn for storage. We also have a farm shop where students can learn how to properly use tools as well as three classrooms where students go each day to learn.


    Agriculture Government/Ag Economics

    Agriculture Leadership

    California Agriculture

    Agriculture Soil Chemistry 

    Agriculture Biology

    Agriculture Metal FabTech

    Agriscience Systems Management

    Agriculture Construction Repair

    Agriculture Processing Products


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 

Cal Poly Pomona

Fresno State University

Mt. San Antonio College

Modesto Jr College

Reedley Junior College

UC Davis 

Chico State University